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Cuff Links

Have a favorite personal picture? A company logo, product image or special event?
Send us your artwork and let us help you craft a custom and special set of cuff links.
Cuff links can make any moment special, provide a great avenue to showcase your brand, or be offered as a corporate or special gift.


Custom glass cuff link sets are priced between $25-$40, depending on bezel selection.

All Royal Tie Life glass cuff links are hand crafted and made of high quality card stock, glass, and one of the following bezels:
                                              Round: silver or antique gold: 16mm or 19mm
: antique gold, 20mm or silver, 16mm


Custom Fabric cuff link sets are priced between $10.30 - $50, depending on the cost of custom made fabric
(i.e. custom fabric of your personal graphic/logo can run from $24 - $38 and more depending on type of fabric selected)

All Royal Tie Life fabric cuff links are hand crafted and made of high quality fabric, 19mm ( or larger by request) bezel rounds and silver plated cuff link bezels. Fabric Placement and cut will vary due to fabric design.

Email us your artwork and lets start crafting your custom cuff links today:  

Below  you will find a few organizations that we have partnered with, offering custom crafted cuff links, to support their focused work toward development of  our community:

KBA- Kight Basketball Academy
A proceed of each purchased set of the KBA Custom Cufflinks will be donated to the KBA-Knight Basketball Academy to continue the mission of promoting and developing youth of our community. To learn more about our partnership with KBA, visit our Sponsorship/Fundraising page.

The Fourth Wave - Autism Awareness Month
In honor of a phenomenally charming and vivacious Young Prince, Waverly Kelly, IV of Newport News, VA.
$10 of each sale from The Fourth Wave cuff links will go to support Autism research, treatment and advocacy.  
                  April is Autism Awareness Month                 2017 World Autism Awareness Day is April 2
                                                           Let Your Shine Speak Loudly! 









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