Royal Tie Life

Cultivating Personal Style
Offering CustomHand Crafted Pieces
Celebrating The Royalty Within: 

Reign In Style.

Queen G



The Story

I've always loved the clean, intriguing and regal look of a bow tie.
I totally dig how people from all walks of life can be found rocking a bow tie to fit their personality
or enhance their special moment.

In 2012 a close friend was attending a private event and asked if I would craft a bow tie from a special pattern that blended perfectly with his suit. I was more than happy to help him shine bright! His look was spectacular and he called me the next day beaming about the many compliments he received, most referring to how a bow tie brought out his personality and made him look regal. Soon after, my friend introduced bow ties into his daily wardrobe and I crafted several more custom bow ties for him, each one crafted and worn to celebrate special moments of his life.

It wasn't long before I found myself crafting bow ties for several of our friends.
I also began thinking:
I like making bow ties.
I like how people look and feel in the bow ties I craft:
I was proud of being able to provide a quality piece for those special moments of life.

It wasn't long before Royal Tie Life was born.

Royal Tie Life offers:
Bow Ties.   Pocket Squares.   Infant and Toddler Bow Ties.  Custom Cuff Links.        

Why Royal?
Power.    Dignity.    Authority.   Of a royal bloodline.    Famous.    Chosen People.
Successful.  Sovereign.   Regal character.   Special. 

These are all words that have been used to define royalty.
YES. Royalty is ALL that.

I believe Royalty is also this: 

Discovering the light of who you are on the inside.
Letting the truth of your light shine bright on the outside.
Living the truest you.

Royal Tie Life is about cultivating personal life style by offering a variety of hand crafted and custom pieces that help celebrate the royalty within so YOU can shine at your brightest.

We really believe that everyone… EVERYONE has royalty within.
As a reminder to us all, and because the color purple represents royalty to us, each Royal Tie Life bow tie and pocket square has a custom purple seam on one side to remind us all of our royalty within.

Whether for a special occasion, addition to your daily wardrobe or simply because you feel like shining bright, check out our offerings and remember:

Royal Tie Life: It's A Life Style.

                                                                             Reign In Style.

Queen G